Digital Teaching and Learning

Mathination-Equation Solver

Enter your own equation to solve, use the apps teaching tool to learn how to solve equations, or allow the app to present the user with a problem to solve. The app includes a library of problems covering basic algebra, polynomials, factoring, and rational expressions. The history button allows the user to see step-by-step the actions taken to solve the equation (students can write done their steps from the history, so they can have work shown).

  • Cost: $4.99
  • Skills Taught: Factoring equations, solving on and two step equations with or without variables equations, ploynomials
  • Offline functionality: 100%
  • Accessibility Issues: Takes a little practice to master the stretching, squeezing, and dragging necessary to solve the equations.
  • Student Protection issues: None that I found.
  • Keywords: equation, solve
  • Requirements:
  • Type: virtual education opportunity
  • Device(s): iPad
  • Subject Area: Math
  • Category: Utility, Presentation
  • Grade Level: 6, 7, 8
  • Date Added: Apr 22, 2011