Available Lessons

Acting Styles and Their Practitioners: Research and Presentation

Grade: 12

The purpose of this project will be for students to research acting styles and their practitioners. Using this research, they will create a video (iMovie or MovieMaker) or traditional presentation (Keynote / PowerPoint) and present this to the class.

History Through Words: Frederick Douglass

Grade: 11
Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will perform a picture analysis. Afterwards, a passage will be read from a narrative in Frederick Douglass’ My Bondage and My Freedom and then complete the Pick-a-Pair worksheet.

Political Cartoon Analysis

Grade: 11
Social Studies

Students will perform research for political cartoons and analyze their features and significance. Web browsing will be implemented as well as spiral-question analysis in order to complete the first segment of the activity. Further assessment includes a brief writing assignment.

Tulsa Riots of 1921: History Uncovered

Grade: 11
Social Studies

Students will perform a webquest on the Tulsa Riots of 1921 and other historic tragedies as well as perform comparisons. Critical thinking will allow students to develop a deeper understanding of tragedies and consider approaches to societal problems through discussion and presentation.