Available Lessons

Acting Styles and Their Practitioners: Research and Presentation

Grade: 12

The purpose of this project will be for students to research acting styles and their practitioners. Using this research, they will create a video (iMovie or MovieMaker) or traditional presentation (Keynote / PowerPoint) and present this to the class.

Bench Press Math: Mean, Median and Mode

Grade: 10

Using reps and max of weightlifting, students will create a frequency table and compute the mean, median and mode.

Data Analysis of a Survey

Grade: 6

This lesson is a 3.5-day culminating lesson for a chapter on Data Analysis. Students will collect, organize, display, and interpret data in order to solve a problem.

Dream Vacation: A Math Analysis

Grade: 6

Students are given the opportunity to select a dream vacation and are give a set amount of money and must plan and execute their trip without going over their allotted funds.

Geometry Around Your School

Grade: 4

Teacher will read aloud "The Greedy Triangle" by Marilyn Burns. After read aloud the class will create a list of the geometric shapes from the story. Students will add geometric shapes to the list that were not included in the book (e.g., three dimensional objects). Then students will work with a partner to walk around the school campus to find real-life examples of their assigned geometric shape and take digital photographs of the objects. Students will create a class book about the objects and use their digital photographs to illustrate the book.

Money ESE grades 9-12

Grade: 9

In this lesson, the student will learn to compare and contrast between different coins. Using hands-on examples, a document camera to review as a class and presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote) or video editing software (iMovie or Movie Maker).

Skittles Fractions

Grade: 3

This is a review lesson after the students have already learned about representing fractions. The student will find the fraction of colors in a bite size bag of skittles. They will then predict and discover what color there is the most of in the whole class.