Available Lessons

Data Analysis of a Survey

Grade: 6

This lesson is a 3.5-day culminating lesson for a chapter on Data Analysis. Students will collect, organize, display, and interpret data in order to solve a problem.

Dream Vacation: A Math Analysis

Grade: 6

Students are given the opportunity to select a dream vacation and are give a set amount of money and must plan and execute their trip without going over their allotted funds.

Reflective Writing: "How I felt on the first day of school"

Grade: K

Students will complete a writing activity based on the prompt: "How I felt on the first day of school" using photos of different emotions.

Skittles Fractions

Grade: 3

This is a review lesson after the students have already learned about representing fractions. The student will find the fraction of colors in a bite size bag of skittles. They will then predict and discover what color there is the most of in the whole class.