Available Lessons

A Lucky Charm Sort

Grade: K

Students will sort Lucky Charms based on shapes, using a table to record the answers.

Bench Press Math: Mean, Median and Mode

Grade: 10
Physical Education

Using reps and max of weightlifting, students will create a frequency table and compute the mean, median and mode.

Measure of pH using Vernier Probes

Grade: 9

Students will work in groups of two to measure pH of freshwater system when crayfish are present in water sample. A control will be set-up and the biology of the crayfish will studied. The pH should increase as the crayfish releases ammonia as a waste product. (Ammonia is a base)

Push or Pull?

Grade: K

It takes energy to change the motion of objects. Energy change is understood by force- a push or pull. Some forces act through physical contact, while others act at a distance. The student will understand what force, push and pull is.