Economic Pull Factor

By: Matthew Blankenship



This lesson reviews the economic pull factors that cause migration. In addition, students will chart the census data for Florida since 1900 and create a class PowerPoint showcasing your learning.

Keywords: migration pull factors census


1. Students will be able to define economic pull factors.
2. Students will be able to chart population change over time.
3. Students will be able to cite reasons for economic pull factors.


Standard 4: Understand the characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations. (SS.7.G.4)


Academic Preparation

1. Arrange for computers or laptop cart for student research.
2. Gather large paper and markers for student use.


1. Have students answer the question: Why would people seeking jobs move to Florida? Have students complete think / pair / share to activate learning.
2. Introduce the idea of migration and have students talk about population changes.
3. Review the table on the FCIT website (linked below) listing population changes in Florida. Have students get into groups and have students create a bar chart showing the changes. (Guiding bar chart attached).
4. Have students hang charts around the room sharing what they have seen.
5. Have students revisit the question above asking "why such dramatic change beginning in 1960?" Allow time for think pair share.
6. Have students define economic, pull and factor separately before building to the new term “economic pull factor.” Have students provide some examples of places to work that would draw people towards Florida. (example job sectors: tourism, technology, transportation). Definition: Economic pull factor any reason to move toward a region in order to make money.
7. Have students explore the website World Atlas (linked below) to find economic pull factors between 1950 and 2000 in small groups. Tell students this is a starting point and they should also explore FCIT's Floripedia website for additional information. Assign 3 to 4 students to each decade and have them create a PowerPoint slide showcasing the economic pull factors influencing the population boom.
8. Collect slides and compile into larger PowerPoint. Show PowerPoint when introducing next topic on Migration as a transition point.


Assess students informally while walking around during project time. In addition, assess the information provided on the slide.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students focus on their specific time and discuss what could / did serve as an economic pull factor.

Estimated Lesson Duration

1hr 00min


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