Hurricane Tracking

By: Matthew Blankenship



Students will review longitude and latitude using hurricane tracking models along with a review of storm development. This lesson uses an interactive white board and falls into the authentic entry level domain on the technology integration matrix.

Keywords: Hurricane, longitude, latitude, review, smartboard, video, storm, weather


1. Review longitude and latitude.
2. Review characteristics of storm development.


SS.8.G.1 Understand how to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technology to report information.


Academic Preparation

Teacher should print and copy hurricane tracking maps for each student available from or attached to this lesson plan. In addition, the teacher should scan a map into the interactive board for whole class mapping.
Choose 5 Hurricanes of interest (more engagement if related to school area) and get 7 track points available from Choose points with different storm categories. Use information to complete chart attached. Copy chart for each student.
Students will also need color pencils or crayons to shade the various storm categories.
The teacher may view a video of this lesson being taught at:


1. Have students answer the questions "How can maps assist hurricane prediction?"
2. Pass out the printed hurricane tracking maps to each student.
3. Choose past hurricanes of interest and lists the major longitude and latitudes so students can create path. Have list in table format listing the longitude, latitude and storm strength.
4. Have students work individually or in pairs to plot hurricanes on individual paths. Students should create a key and shade each part of the path a different color to represent the different categories of storms.
5. When students feel they have the correct path and categories, have students transfer information to interactive white board.
6. Have remainder of class state whether they agree or disagree and make adjustments as necessary.
7. Work through the rest of the list of hurricanes.
8. Revisit the opening question discussing answers.


While students work, walk around making suggestions and corrections as needed. Collect individual maps for review before moving to test or next topic.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students find out which hurricane caused the most damage and death. Have students predict why. (example: Population density in major cities)

Estimated Lesson Duration

0hr 50min


  • Information about hurricanes and map taken from National Hurricane Center at


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