Money ESE grades 9-12

By: Katie Clark



In this lesson, the student will learn to compare and contrast between different coins. Using hands-on examples, a document camera to review as a class and presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote) or video editing software (iMovie or Movie Maker).

Keywords: math, coins, money, compare, record, chart


Students will:
1. use coins to compare each coin's details (color, texture, and sizes).
2. use a coin chart to record details. (see attachment)
3. compare their thoughts/results to the results of the class (whole group).


SS.K.E.1.2 Recognize that United States currency comes in different forms.
SS.3.E.1.2 List the characteristics of money.
MA.2.G.5.3 Identify, combine, and compare values of money in cents up to $1 and in dollars up to $100, working with a single unit of currency.


Academic Preparation

1. Students will need to know how to use/read a chart.
2. Students will need to know numbers and simple counting.
3. Students will need to know shapes, textures and colors.
4. The teacher will need plastic or realistic coins provided to each student.
5. The teacher will need a coin chart for each student (outline graphic organizer). Print out or modify as necessary.
6. The teacher will need to set-up a projector and laptop and load attached presentation to present to the class.
7. The teacher will need to gather a document camera, projector, and blank class currency chart to review as a class.
8. The teacher will need to print attached assessment.


1. Review the attached currency presentation with students.
2. As a class, students and teacher will use hands-on coins provided to view, touch, and count.
3. The students, using their individual currency charts, will write the details of each coin (10 to 15 mins). Teacher may need to time for each coin (3 to 5 minutes each).
4. As a class, students and teacher will review currency charts using the Elmo.


1. The teacher will assess students' knowledge of coins by describing pictures of the different coins (writing or cutting out words to fit in blanks).
2. Students will be assessed based on participation during review of currency charts as a class.

Extensions and Adaptations

1. If students are unable to hold a pencil you can use a dictation, an alpha smart, magnetic letters, recordable talking switch, etc.

Estimated Lesson Duration

0hr 45min




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