RAFT-American Revolution

By: Monica Dutzar



The students will take on a role of a person during the American Revolution and explain several significant events based on that person's viewpoint.

Keywords: American Revolution


Students will analyze different events during the American Revolution by assuming the role of a person from that time period.


Describe the influence of individuals on social and political developments during the Revolutionary era. (SS.8.A.3.5)
Examine the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution. (SS.8.A.3.6)


Academic Preparation

The students should have studied the events leading up to the American Revolution and understand various perspectives form people involved in the events.
1. Make copies of handout
2. Gather supplies for activities


1. Pass student handout out and go over the directions with students (handout attached)
2. To differentiate the lesson, students can complete the activity in a book, journal, or PowerPoint format.
Directions to students: You are a person living during the Revolutionary period in American History. You are witness to all of the events leading up to the Revolution. Create a storybook in PowerPoint format to tell your story. The following are the events you must include:
1. French Indian War
2. Sugar Act
3. Stamp Act
4. Townsend Acts
5. Boston Massacre
6. Boston Tea Party
7. Coercive Acts
8. Continental Congress
9. Battle of Lexington/Concord
10. Battle of Bunker Hill
You must take on the perspective of one of the following people:
• A Patriot
• A Loyalist
• A British Solider
• The King
Each event must include the following information:
• 2 Facts about the event
• 2 Opinions from the perspective of the person you chose
• An Illustration


Students will turn in completed project for grading.

Estimated Lesson Duration

2hr 00min

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