Florida Scavenger Hunt

By: Sinead Williams



Using a map of Florida along with map skills students will go on a scavenger hunt to find key physiographic features related to Florida.

Keywords: Florida physical features, physiographic, geography


Students will:
Participate in a Scavenger hunt to locate on a map of Florida key physiographic features by using prior background knowledge and mapping skills.


Standard 2: Understand physical and cultural characteristics of places. (SS.7.G.2)
2. Locate major physical landmarks that are emblematic of the United States. (SS.7.G.2.2)
3. Explain how major physical characteristics, natural resources, climate, and absolute and relative location have influenced settlement, economies, and inter-governmental relations in North America. (SS.7.G.2.3)


Academic Preparation

Have blank maps prepared in advance
Have a class set of physical maps of Florida prepared for student use
Technology ready for PowerPoint presentation


Preview question: How do physical features of an area impact the population and settlement of that area?
Have students respond to the prompt, facilitating a discussion on how physical characteristics can contribute to where people choose to live.
Through a teacher facilitated discussion students will make inferences based on the location of physical features, drawing conclusions concerning longitude/latitude, climate patterns, precipitation levels, etc.
Students will use their blank map of Florida to label the physical feature identities from the activity.
Students are permitted to use the physical feature map using mapping skills and background knowledge to locate each individual feature. Each physical feature should be located geographically and properly labeled on the map.
Students may check with the teacher upon completion of two physical features before they are permitted to move on. This allows the teacher to assess student learning, re-teaching or enrichment when appropriate.
Students may then be permitted to procede to the next feature(s) until the Scavenger hunt is completed with all physical features identified and labeled on the map.


Informal - Preview discussion, teacher observations
Formal - Student completion of map labeling along with accuracy in locating features on the map.
Completion of student handout.

Estimated Lesson Duration

1hr 00min


  • The American Journey - Appleby, Brinkley & McPherson
  • http://fcit.usf.edu
  • google images
  • www.nationalatlas.gov


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