Colonial Brochures Activity

By: Monica Dutzar



Students will conduct research on an assigned colonial region. Students will learn about the thirteen colonies by creating a colonial brochure. Students will become experts on their colonial region. The students will share their brochure with other students in class.

Keywords: Colonial Period, Thirteen Colonies


Students will research and compile information about a colonial region while designing an informational colonial brochure to share with classmates.


Standard 2: Examine the causes, course, and consequences of British settlement in the American colonies. (SS.8.A.2)
2. Compare the characteristics of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. (SS.8.A.2.2)
3. Differentiate economic systems of New England, Middle and Southern colonies including indentured servants and slaves as labor sources. (SS.8.A.2.3)
4. Identify the impact of key colonial figures on the economic, political, and social development of the colonies. (SS.8.A.2.4)


Academic Preparation

Students will need to have completed their research on their assigned colonial region and completed the handout portion associated with their region.
Make copies of handout and rubric for each student.
Provide access to construction paper, colored pencils, rulers, markers, computers to print pictures and type information.


Explain handout and rubric (see attached) to students.
Explanation and class time to work on brochure should take three class periods.


Colonial Brochure (Rubric Attached)

Estimated Lesson Duration

3hr 00min

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