Washington Crossing the Delaware: ID, Examine, Evaluate

By: Monica Dutzar



Students will analyze a painting of Washington crossing the Delaware as an introduction to the American Revolution.

Keywords: Washington, American Revolution


I will analyze a painting by completing an ID, Examine, and Evaluate activity.


Standard 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution and the founding principles of our nation. (SS.8.A.3)
3. Recognize the contributions of the Founding Fathers (John Adams, Sam Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, George Washington) during American Revolutionary efforts. (SS.8.A.3.3)
6. Examine the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution. (SS.8.A.3.6)


Academic Preparation

Students should have studied and mastered the material on information about the events that led to the American Revolution including:
1. Taxation Without Representation
2. Stamp, Sugar, Tea, Townsend, and Intolerable Acts
3. Sons of Liberty, Committee of Correspondence
4. Lexington and Concord
5. Declaration of Independence
Create groups that are based on different multiple intelligences and modalities.


1. Place the students in groups to work on ID, Examine, Evaluate activity (see handout)
2. Guide students through activity first allowing them to come to some conclusions and answer the questions as a group.
3.Allow groups to share their conclusions about the painting in a class discussion facilitated by teacher.


Students will turn in their responses to the different questions in the ID, Examine, Evaluate.
Teacher will also check for comprehension during class discussion and use questioning techniques to lead the class discussion in a direction that meets the objective set out by the lesson.

Estimated Lesson Duration

1hr 00min

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