Acting Styles and Their Practitioners: Research and Presentation

By: Corey Poole



The purpose of this project will be for students to research acting styles and their practitioners. Using this research, they will create a video (iMovie or MovieMaker) or traditional presentation (Keynote / PowerPoint) and present this to the class.

Keywords: Acting Styles, Practitioners, Digital Storytelling, Research


1. Understand various acting styles.
2. Research the practitioners responsible for its implementation.
3. Present a video or traditional presentation based on research.


Cultural and Historical Connections
Standard 1: The student understands context by analyzing the role of theater, film, television, and electronic media in the past and present. (TH.C.1.4)
Aesthetic and Critical Analysis
Standard 1: The student analyzes, criticizes, and constructs meaning from formal and informal theater, film, television, and electronic media. (TH.D.1.4)
Applications to Life
Standard 1: The student understands applications of the role of theater, film, television, and electronic media in everyday life. (TH.E.1.4)


Academic Preparation

Teacher will research which acting styles and practitioners will be used with what questions need to be answered.
Teacher will reserve computer lab for student research and creation time.


1. Students will research their acting styles and practitioners in the library.
2. Students will then use library time to create a video (iMovie or Movie Maker) or traditional presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint).
3. Students will finish presentation.
4. Present products in class
5. Critique and Discussion


Teacher should assess student information from presentation. In addition, teacher should critique student critical discourse. Finally, the teacher should asses discussion participation during other presentations.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students create a monologue / scene in the style of presented acting styles / practitioners.

Estimated Lesson Duration

3hr 00min