Data Analysis of a Survey

By: Belinda Blackman



This lesson is a 3.5-day culminating lesson for a chapter on Data Analysis. Students will collect, organize, display, and interpret data in order to solve a problem.

Keywords: mean, median, mode, measures of central tendency, survey, data analysis


Students will:
1. Make a data collection plan.
2. Collect the data.
3. Create a display of the data.
4. Interpret the data.
5. Present the results to the class.


1. Determine the measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode) and variability (range) for a given set of data. (MA.6.S.6.1)
2. Select and analyze the measures of central tendency or variability to represent, describe, analyze and/or summarize a data set for the purposes of answering questions appropriately. (MA.6.S.6.2)


Academic Preparation

Accessing prior knowledge of making a bar graph, calculating mean, median, and mode, and analyzing/interpreting the results of the data.


Day 1
Students will work with a partner.
1.Students will choose one of the following topics:
A. yearbooks in interactive DVD format
B. voting age for presidential election
C. school uniforms
D. fast food in school
E. topic of your choice (approved by teacher)
2. Students will write one or more survey questions that include the rating scale to determine student opinion.
3. Students will identify an audience for your results.
Day 2
1. Students will conduct their survey and record the results. They must collect responses from at least 20 people in the population they chose.
2. Students will record their results in a frequency table.
3. Students will choose an appropriate type of display and scale for their data.
4. Students will create an accurate display of the data on a piece of poster board.
Day 3
1. Students will finish the display of the data on a piece of poster board.
2. Students will find the mean, median, mode, and range of the data.
3. Students will summarize the opinions of the students they surveyed and recommend a course of action to the group interested in the data.
Day 4 (30 Min.)
1. Students will present their findings and recommendations to the whole class.


Rubric for display of data
Accuracy of mean, median, and mode of data

Estimated Lesson Duration

2hr 45min