Reflective Writing: "How I felt on the first day of school"

By: Jill Brown



Students will complete a writing activity based on the prompt: "How I felt on the first day of school" using photos of different emotions.

Keywords: Writing, first day of school


Students will identify and demonstrate feelings on the first day of school and connect to behavior in writing.


Recognize healthy ways to express needs, wants, and feelings. (HE.K.B.2)
Pre-Writing: The student will use prewriting strategies to generate ideas and formulate a plan. (LA.K.3.1)
Drafting: The student will write a draft appropriate to the topic, audience, and purpose. (LA.K.3.2)
Revising: The student will revise and refine the draft for clarity and effectiveness. (LA.K.3.3)
Editing for Language Conventions: The student will edit and correct the draft for standard language conventions. (LA.K.3.4)
Publishing: The student will write a final product for the intended audience. (LA.K.3.5)


Academic Preparation

Students will need information on emotions.
Students will need to be familiar with the writing process (or extend this lesson plan to fit that needs).


Teacher will assist the student in taking a pictures (digital camera or computer camera).
Students should be showing the feelings (happy, sad, scared) they had on the first day of school.
Students will record complete sentence "On the first day of school I felt ____________."
Teacher will put pages into a book with the pictures and read the picture book to the class.
Have students create a title for the book and a book cover.


Teacher will call out a feeling (happy, sad, etc.) and students will make that face. Teacher will observe expressions.

Extensions and Adaptations

Use pictures during a prompted writing exercise.

Estimated Lesson Duration

0hr 30min