Forces-Review Games

By: Roberta Ates



The standard method of completing a chapter is to have the student review 3 ways: Cooperative review questions from text; MindJogger Game DVD from text with winning team participants receiving 5 Extra Credit points; BrainPops subject specific game on Internet.

Keywords: Forces, MindJogger, BrainPops


The objective is to have the student review the material in a way that is mildly competitive, but fun, way that has definite immediate feedback for him/her.


Big Idea 8
Standard 6:
A.All objects and substances in the world are made of matter. Matter has two fundamental properties: matter takes up space and matter has mass which gives it inertia.
B.Objects and substances can be classified by their physical and chemical properties. Mass is the amount of matter (or "stuff") in an object. Weight, on the other hand, is the measure of force of attraction (gravitational force) between an object and Earth.


Academic Preparation

The student will have done preparatory work with each section of the chapter on Forces; hands-on laboratory experience; and possible Extra Credit assignments.


End of the Chapter Review questions (25-30) will be split up with different groups doing Vocabulary, Checking Concepts, Interpreting Graphics, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving sections.
Class will be split into teams for MindJogger. Winning team members will win 5 Extra Credit points each.
Entire class will view BrainPops video from Internet & take quiz at end.


EOC Review questions will be assessed by completion of individual sections & copying of other section answers onto their paper.
MindJogger teams will be assessed at end of video questions that vary in 5, 10, 15 point increments.
BrainPops' Tim & Moby animated video is a non-threatening method of passive participatory activity of subject material.

Estimated Lesson Duration

0hr 35min


  • Glencoe Science textbook
  • BrainPops