"Diary of Anne Frank:" A Podcast

By: Misty Smyrnios



Students create a podcast surrounding historical events of Anne Frank and the Secret Annex.

Keywords: Holocaust, Anne Frank, Secret Annex, Jews, Podcast


1. Students create a written script.
2. Students create final podcast intended to educate audience.


The student will write a final product for an intended audience. (LA.8.3.5)
The student develops the essential technology skills for using understanding conventional current tools, materials, and processes. (LA.8.6.4)


Academic Preparation

Students participate in the reading and understanding "The Diary of Anne Frank." Students have an understanding of the Holocaust and the effect Anne Frank's diary had on the world's perception of the Holocaust.


1. Students team up by two's (or different group size if needed).
2. Students choose what topic will be reported. Topics include the secret annex, people living in the secret annex, world outside hiding,and concentration camps.
3. Students gather information supporting the topics by means of books and internet.
4. Students write a script to be recorded for the podcast.
5. Students practice the script.
6. Students record a 3-5 minute podcast sharing the information.
7. Students add music to enhance podcast.
8. Students share podcast with the teacher for feedback.
9. Students edit podcast offering feedback and suggestions as necessary.
10. Groups share podcast with the class.


Assess product on script and content of the Podcast.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students create a scrapbook (virtual or physical) based on a child's experience in the Holocaust.

Estimated Lesson Duration

3hr 00min