All About Me: Journalism Ice Breaker

By: Kristen Esposito



In the lesson, students are asked to create a presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote) introducing themselves and their roles in the Journalism class to other students. This lesson can be used at the beginning of the course as a culture-building activity.

Keywords: Presentation, Introduction, Culture-building, Writing Process


The student will:
1. analyze ways that production elements (e.g., graphics, color, motion, sound, digital technology) affect communication across the media;
2. demonstrate ability to select and ethically use media appropriate for the purpose, occasion, and audience;
3. select and use appropriate available technologies (e.g., computer, digital camera) to enhance communication and achieve a purpose (e.g., video, presentations); and
4. evaluate and apply digital tools (e.g., word processing, multimedia authoring, web tools, graphic organizers) to publications and presentations.


Media Literacy: The student develops and demonstrates an understanding of media literacy as a life skill that is integral to informed decision making. (LA.7.6.3)
Technology: The student develops the essential technology skills for using and understanding conventional and current tools, materials and processes. (LA.7.6.4)


Academic Preparation

Prior to this assignment, students should be familiar with the basics of designing a presentation (i.e. opening the application, inserting slides, choosing a background design, etc.). The class also participated in various "Getting to Know You" class intro activities to brainstorm activities.


1. Teacher introduces the lesson by asking students if they ever created a presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint).
2. The teacher asks what was the purpose/goal of the presentation they created.
3. Teacher uses students' responses as a lead into the "All About Me" presentation assignment.
4. Teacher tells students that they will create an “All about Me” presentation introducing themselves to the class. The PowerPoint presentation should include the following:
• Introduction
• Job/Role in Journalism Class
• Hobbies/ Interests/ Favorite Things
• Future Goals
5. Teacher demonstrates an example of an “All About Me” presentation (self-designed).
6. Students begin working on their presentations (Keynote / PowerPoint).


Informal: After the first submission, students present their presentations and receive feedback from the teacher.
Formal: Teacher uses guidelines given to the class to grade presentation based on predetermined criteria.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students create a video presentation (iMovie or MovieMaker) introducing others to their school.

Estimated Lesson Duration

1hr 30min

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