Publishing Poetry: Student Vodcast of Original Narrative Poems

By: Patricia Calamela



The students will create a vodcast of an original poem using video editing software (iMovie or MovieMaker).

Keywords: Language Arts, technology, vodcasts


1. The learner will write an original narrative poem.
2. The learner will use technological tools to enhance learning.
3. The student will publish vodcast for class presentations.


1. listen and speak to gain and share information for a variety of purposes, including personal interviews, dramatic and poetic recitations, and formal presentations; and (LA.
Research Process: The student uses a systematic process for the collection, processing, and presentation of information. (LA.5.6.2)
Technology: The student develops the essential technology skills for using and understanding conventional and current tools, materials and processes. (LA.5.6.4)


Academic Preparation

Students should have knowledge of:
1. Narrative poetry
2. Researching Skills
3. Basic to intermediate technology skills
Teacher should arrange for:
1. Computer Lab and/or Laptop arrangements


1. Students research the topic of the poem and write a rough draft of an original narrative poem.
2. Students will then edit and revise based on teacher and peer feedback.
3. Students will prepare a typed copy of poem for recording using word processing software (ie Word or Pages).
4. Students will then record poem using audio recording / editing software (audacity or recorder).
5. Students will then locate and save copyright free pictures related to the poem (suggest use of resources from FCIT website listed below).
6. Using video editing software (ie Moviemaker or iMovie) to compile and publish final product.
7. After review, the teacher can arrange for a viewing party for students to share final product.


Teacher can evaluate final product based on quality and quantity. In addition, teacher can create a rubric based on student expectations.
During project, teacher should informally evaluate progress by monitoring students' work.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students create digital stories of famous poems that can be used as previewing activities at a later date.

Estimated Lesson Duration

3hr 00min