Understanding the Law of Conservation of Mass

By: Catherine Barnhill



Using the COW, students will use either the program FRAMES or the flip camera and movie maker (their choice) to animate a chemical reaction in order to illustrate that all atoms involved are present at the beginning and end of the reaction, and that matter is neither created or destroyed.

Keywords: chemical reactions law of conservation of mass


The objective of this lesson is to have students be creative with technology to both show what actually happens to the matter involved in a chemical reaction as well as to better understand the concepts by having visual animations.


Academic Preparation

Students have to be taught the general information and concepts prior to assigning the project.
Teacher must retrieve and set up the COW and other needed equipment.


First the project will be explained. The two options of methods will be described, and then students (in pairs) will decide which method they prefer. After they choose, technology will be available for them to carry out the project with the method of their choice. After two days for work on the project, student pairs will present their project to the rest of the class.


Students will present their projects and be graded using a teacher made rubric including difficulty, technology integration, and creativity.

Extensions and Adaptations

Students will vote on the top 3 projects in each class. The three winning projects in each class will be posted on that class's page on My VR Spot.

Estimated Lesson Duration

2hr 00min