Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart:" A different perspective

By: Amorita Leonard



After planning using storyboards, students will act out the action of the story from different characters' points of view. Students must be sure to include the element of mood in their actions to show the audience the feeling the story portrays during the action. Students will film their portrayals so that they are viewed by other students.

Keywords: Edgar Allan Poe, Mood, Video in classroom, characterization, storyboards, writing, The Tell-Tale Heart


Students will be able to identify mood in the story, "The Tell-Tale Heart" through Total Physical Response.


The student identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of the elements of a variety of fiction and literary texts to develop a thoughtful response to a literary selection. (LA.8.2.1)
Pre-Writing: The student will use prewriting strategies to generate ideas and formulate a plan. (LA.8.3.1)
Drafting: The student will write a draft appropriate to the topic, audience, and purpose. (LA.8.3.2)
Publishing: The student will write a final product for the intended audience. (LA.8.3.5)


Academic Preparation

Students will have to read the original story, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tale-Tale Heart." Then students must identify the mood of the story. They will review the story and write down examples of mood from the story. Then students will choose a character from the story and prepare a storyboard from that character's perspective while including mood.


1. Students must prepare their storyboards by choosing a character from whose perspective they will retell the story.

2. Then students must be sure to edit and revise their storyboards for content, accuracy, and grammar/spelling errors.
3. Students will then practice acting out the action they produced on their storyboards. They will focus on using facial expressions and body actions to show the mood of the story.
4. Finally, students will film their renditions of the rewritten story for the class to see and evaluate.


Students will show their knowledge of the writing process which will include: planning, editing, and publishing.

Extensions and Adaptations

Students will choose another poem and create a script showcasing a different point of view.
Adaptation: If video equipment is not available, have students act out script live.

Estimated Lesson Duration

1hr 45min