Dream Vacation: A Math Analysis

By: Roslyn Trabal



Students are given the opportunity to select a dream vacation and are give a set amount of money and must plan and execute their trip without going over their allotted funds.



1. Research a dream vacation.
2. Plan vacation within a specific budget.
3. Present plan and budget to class.


Construct and analyze tables, graphs and equations to describe linear functions and other simple relations using both common language and algebraic notation. (MA.6.A.3.6)


Academic Preparation

1. Students should have knowledge of budgeting.
2. Teacher should arrange for access to computers for student use.


The Process
You will select a friend to help plan and accompany you on the trip.
You and your friend will use the Internet, maps and other resources to find any information you will need to help you plan a super vacation. You will also use these resources to find hotel room fees, park entrance fees, places to eat and any other information you will need for your trip.
Summer is fast approaching and you and one of your friends are being given the opportunity to go on a one week dream vacation during summer break. You will have a combined total budget of $4000 to cover all expenses including food, transportation, hotel, attraction admission and souvenir shopping.
Task I
Your first task is to decide on your vacation destination. You will then create an itinerary showing all of the activities and places you will be visiting. One of the days on your vacation must be spent doing something educational. This can include activities such as visiting a museum.
Task 2
You will create a pie or circle graph illustrating how the $4000 was spent. You will break up the circle (pie) graph into percentages based on the way your budget was spent.
Task 3
Create a way to share your trip with the rest of your classmates. This can be done by making a poster, photo album, presentation or any other creative sharing methods you can think of.
Task 4
Each group member must write a minimum of two double-spaced pages about this group project. The following should be addressed in this paper:
• What math skills did you use for this project?
• How did math assist you in your decision making?
• What other subjects did you use (give specific examples)?
• How difficult was it to incorporate the criteria used for selecting your vacation based on a group budget of $4000? Could you have spent less?
• How well does this project relate to real life events? Do you think the knowledge acquired in this project can be used in other situations? How so?
• Think about the sources of information you used in this project (i.e. internet). Do you think they improved your final project?
• Consider your experiences as a team member. What did you learn about your own team skills? What did you do well and what could you improve?
You will turn in your itinerary and a map showing the exact location of the places the two would visit. You will also create a pie or circle graph illustrating how the $4000 was spent. This will be done showing percentages. You will also make a presentation that will allow you to share your trip with your classmates


Students should be evaluated based on the information in the "evaluation" section above.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students compare prices using online travel agency such as "Travelocity" or "Cheap Tickets."

Estimated Lesson Duration

3hr 00min