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A collection of historic and contemporary maps of Egypt, including ancient empires and significant Egyptian sites.

Ancient Egypt, 3150 to 31 BCE
A map of ancient Egypt showing the Upper, Middle, and Lower kingdoms, Nubia, principal cities and ports, mountains and desert regions, coastline, and caravan routes....

Ancient Egypt, 525 BC
A map of Egypt at the time of the Persian conquest by Cambyses (525 BC) at the end of the Twenty–Sixth Dynasty under Psamtik III. The map shows the delta city of Pelusium and the lower capital of Moph (Memphis) conquered by Cambyses. At this ti...

Ruins of Thebes, about 1250 BCE
Map of the Ruins of Thebes along the Nile in Egypt including the Rameseum, the Great Temple of Karnak, and the Temple of Luxor. ...

The Pyramids and the Lake of Inundations, about 2100 BC
A detail map of the portion of the Nile River near Memphis and Heracleopolis with its numerous pyramids and the Lake of Inundations during the twelfth dynasty, about 2100 BC. The map shows important historical cities and sites of the time using name ...

Battle of The Nile, August 1, 1798
A map of the Battle of The Nile in the Aboukir Bay, Egypt. The battle was between the British fleet under Rear–Admiral Horatio Nelson and the French fleet. This battle, fought on 1st August, 1798, resulted in a great victory for Nelson's fleet,...

The Seven Mouths of the Nile, circa 1250 BC
A map of the seven mouths of the Nile as it was known in the Egyptian Twentieth Dynasty, when Zoan (Tanis) was the capital of northern Egypt. The delta mouths are the Canopic, Bolbitic, Sebennyitic, Phatnic, Mendesian, Tanitic, and Pelusiac. The site...

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