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Regional Asian maps of the Palestine region from the Maps ETC collection. This includes physical and political maps, early history and empires, climate maps, relief maps, population density and distribution maps, cultural maps, and economic/resource maps.

Palestine, 500 BC
A map of Palestine, subtitled "The Land of the Hebrews," color–coded to distinguish between the Assyrian Empire, Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, Philistines, Phoenicians, and the desert. ...

Dominion of Solomon and Phoenicia, 971–931 BC
A map of Phoenicia and the Dominion of Solomon (971–931 BC), including the Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah, Syria, Palestine, Edom, Moab, Gilead, Ammon, Galilee, Bashan, Zobah, Hamath, and Lebanon. The map shows important cities, ports, ...

The Tribes of Israel, about 1000 B.C.
A map of the Tribes of Israel....

Phoenicia, about 1450 BC
A map of the territory of Phoenicia around 1450 BC, which included the island of Cyprus. The map shows important historical cities of the time and rivers, using name forms (hieroglyphic, cuneiform, biblical, classical, and modern) where appropriate. ...

Galilee and Surrounding Provinces, Beginnings of Christianity
A map of the region around Galilee at the beginning of the Christian era. The map shows the principal travel and trade routes by land through the area from Tarsus in Cilicia to the north to Egypt in the southwest. This map shows the provinces of Gali...

Palestine, New Testament Era
A map of Palestine during the New Testament Era, approximately 37 BC (Herod) to AD 117 (Trajan). The map shows the divisions of the region south of Phoenicia, including Galilee, Decapolis (Iturea, Gaulanitis), Samaria, Peræa, and Judea. Biblica...

Palestine, Old Testament Times
A map of Palestine during the Old Testament Era, approximately 1020 BC (Saul the King) to 586 BC (destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonians). The map shows the divisions of the region according to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, including Asher...

Period of the Exodus, Old Testament Times
The great Sinaitic Peninsula lies between Egypt and the Gulf of Suez on the one side and the arm of the Red Sea known as the Gulf of Akaha on the other. It forms a huge triangular desert. To the northern end lies a plain of white sand, the wildernes...

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  Maps > Asia > Regional Maps >Palestine
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