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Relief Map of Africa, 1890

Title: Relief Map of Africa
Projection: Unknown,
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Description: "The whole continent is a moderately-elevated plateau surrounded of all sides by marginal mountains which either slope abruptly down to the sea or leave narrow coast-plains. In Southern and Northwestern Africa the mountain-ranges have an easterly-and-westerly direction; in Eastern and Southwestern Africa, a northerly-and-southerly direction. The plateau is lowest in the interior, and gradually rises toward the margins. Lake Tchad in the Soudan, and Lake Ngami in South Africa, occupy two of the low interior depressions. To the northeast of Lake Tchad lies a still lower depression, which at high water receives the overflow of Tchad. The mountains of the eastern side may be considered the predominant system; the others, secondary systems. These Eastern Highlands begin near the Red Sea and exend southward across Abyssinia to Zanzibar. Mt. Kenia (over 17,000 feet), Kilima Njaro (19,680 feet), and Mt, Ruwenzori are the highest peaks. Farther south are the Lapata Mountains and other chains." (— Brewer, 1890)
Source: William H. Brewer Ph.,D., Warren's New Physical Geography (Philadelphia, PA: Cowperthwait and Company, 1890) 39
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman.
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 Maps ETC > Africa > Complete Maps > Relief Map of Africa, 1890
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