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Group Reading

Use online books and reading passages for small group reading instruction.


  • Students will use the reading process effectively.
  • Students will construct meaning from a range of texts.
  • Students will use viewing strategies effectively.


  • Use websites that contain book-like stories for small group reading instruction.
  • Use websites that contain age-appropriate text for small group instruction.
  • Students can use the passages on the web sites to obtain content based information.

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.A.1.1.2
  • LA.A.2.1.4
  • LA.C.2.1.1

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Use input devices (e.g., mouse, keyboard, remote control) and output devices (e.g., monitor, printer) to successfully operate computers, VCRs, audiotapes, and other technologies.
  • Communicate about technology using developmentally appropriate and accurate terminology.
  • Use technology resources (e.g., puzzles, logical thinking programs, writing tools, digital cameras, drawing tools) for problem solving, communication, and illustration of thoughts, ideas, and stories.
  • Gather information and communicate with others using telecommunications, with support from teachers, family members, or student partners.


  • Web Sites
  • iBooks or computers for each student


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   ETC > NSA Home > Language Arts K-2 > Group Reading