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Poetry Movies

Students will use a variety of technology applications to learn about the origin of selected poems including the poet, the poemÕs poetic devices, and analyze/describe poemÕs meaning.


  • Students will analyze the meaning of selected poems.
  • Students will describe the background of a poemÕs author.


  • Students are given a poem to research.
  • They complete an internet search in order to learn about the origin of the poem, its author, and the poemÕs poetic devices.
  • Based on their research, students analyze the poem and create and give a Keynote presentation to their peers describing the poem and their analysis of the poemÕs meaning.
  • Students then create an iMovie using pictures, text, and music to convey the poemÕs meaning.
  • They compress their iMovie using Quicktime. Students can also use e-mail to correspond with the author of a given poem.

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.A.2.4.1
  • LA.C.2.4.1
  • LA.C.3.4.3
  • LA.D.1.4.1
  • LA.E.1.4.1

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Make informed choices among technology systems, resources, and services.
  • Use technology tools and resources for managing and communicating personal/professional information (e.g., finances, schedules, addresses, purchases, correspondence).
  • Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publication, communication, and productivity.
  • Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem solving, and decision making in content learning.


  • Laptops
  • Internet access
  • Keynote software
  • iMovie

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