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Cooties! Learning How Disease Spreads

Students will learn about immunity, the incubation periods of particular diseases, and how diseases are contracted through viral and bacterium infections.


  • Students will define the term immunity.
  • Students will describe how disease can be prevented including incubation periods for common diseases.
  • Students will describe how common viral and bacterium related diseases are contracted.


  • Students are provided urlŐs to appropriate internet sites (i.e., ) and investigate immunity, incubation periods, and how common diseases are contracted.
  • Then students use Keynote presentation software to develop a presentation on their findings.
  • Students use Notetaker software to record notes to take home for study.

Sunshine State Standards

  • HE.A.1.4.1
  • HE.B.1.4.2
  • SC.F.1.4.1
  • SC.H.3.4.6

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Identify capabilities and limitations of contemporary and emerging technology resources and assess the potential of these systems and services to address personal, lifelong learning, and workplace needs.
  • Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publication, communication, and productivity.
  • Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem solving, and decision making in content learning.


  • Laptops
  • Internet access
  • Notetaker software
  • Keynote presentation software

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   ETC > NSA Home > Science 9-12 > Cooties!