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Mrs. Baig is Missing

Students will collaborate to create a book on tape. Adapted from Miss Nelson Is Missing by Harry Allard & James Marshall


  • Students will create a descriptive sentence to add to a class book.
  • Students will illustrate their descriptive sentence for the class book.
  • Students will record reading their descriptive sentence for the class book.


  • Day 1
    • Pre-reading
    • a. Show students front cover of story. Ask if any have read the story before.
    • b. Inform students that we are looking for descriptive words in the story.
    • During Reading
    • a. Why did Miss Nelson leave?
    • i. Her students were misbehaving
    • ii. Throwing spit balls and paper airplanes
    • iii.Worst behaved class in the whole school
    • iv. Squirmed and giggled in their seats
    • v. Rude during story hour/ refused to do lessons
    • b. What do you think the students in the story thought of Miss Viola Swamp?
    • i. She was mean.
    • ii. She was a witch.
    • iii.She loaded them with homework.
    • iv. WouldnÕt allow a story hour.
    • v. Made them keep their mouth shut and they had to sit still.
    • c. What did the students do in the story to find Miss Nelson?
    • i. Some went to the police.
    • ii. Some went to her house to find her.
    • d. Why were the students quiet during story hour? What was their little Secret?
    • i. They were afraid Miss Viola Swamp would come back.
    • 3. Post Reading
    • a. Use Inspiration to brainstorm where the students in the story thought Miss Nelson went.
    • i. Gobbled by a shark.
    • ii.Went to Mars
    • iii. Car carried her off by a swarm of angry butter flies
    • b. The story ends telling us that Miss Nelson was really Miss Viola Swamp. However, her students donÕt know that. Instruct students that they are now going to become Detective McSmogg. Have them brainstorm places that they might think Miss Viola Swamp went, if they were students in Miss Nelson’s class. Use Inspiration to brainstorm their ideas.
    • Day 2
    • 1. Separate students brainstorm ideas in Kidspiration by vague and descriptive sentences. Ask students to tell you why you have made two groups of ideas.
    • a. 1st group of sentences have do not give enough detail to get a picture in your head of what is happening.
    • b. 2nd group has lots of detail and you can picture this happening in your head
    • 2. Review vague sentences with students. Have students revise the sentences to give lots of detail. Rewrite the sentence in Kidspiration and move the sentence to the descriptive group.
    • 3. Tell students the class is going to make their own book. Students will have to write a descriptive sentence and illustrate it for the final class project. Students voices will be recorded reading their sentence and when completed, the book/iMovie will be shown to the class
    • a. The book will be similar to Miss Nelson is Missing, but we will call ours Mrs. Baig is Missing.
    • b. Give the students background for the book such as, Mrs. Baig will have an intern take over the class and she will take a day off.
    • c. Allow time for students to think of places they think Mrs. Baig might go if she were missing.
    • 4. Pass out lined paper. Assign students the task of writing a descriptive sentence telling where they think Mrs. Baig may have gone.
    • a. When they are finished, students will check with teacher and make any revisions to their sentence.
    • b. After revision, students will re-write the sentence in neat handwriting with a thin-point black marker.
    • c. When students are finished with writing the final draft of their sentence, they will cut out their sentence.
    • 5. Pass out white drawing paper. Assign students the task of drawing a colorful picture to represent their sentence.
    • a. Students are to write their name on the back of the paper
    • b. Students will glue the final draft of the sentence onto the front bottom of the drawing paper
    • c. Students are to draw their picture first using a pencil, and then color in the picture with markers
    • Day 3
    • 1. Allow students time to finish pictures.
    • 2. Start recording students reading their sentence in Garage Band. After each student records their sentence, allow playback for students to decide if editing needs to be done to their recording. Make any necessary adjustments to the recording.
    • 3. Students will read silently when they are completed with their picture and are waiting to have their sentence recorded.
    • 4. In the evening, the teacher will cut and paste all parts of the book into Keynote.
    • a. Pictures will be scanned and loaded onto individual slides.
    • b. Voice recordings will be saved to i-tunes and loaded onto individual slides.
    • c. Keynote will be saved as a QuickTime file.
    • Day 4
    • Present final project to class!

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.B.1.2
  • LA.B.2.2
  • LA.C.3.2
  • LA.D.1.2
  • VA.B.1.2

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Use input devices (e.g., mouse, keyboard, remote control) and output devices (e.g., monitor, printer) to successfully operate computers, VCRs, audiotapes, and other technologies.
  • Use a variety of media and technology resources for directed and independent learning activities.
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with peers, family members, and others when using technology in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate positive social and ethical behaviors when using technology.
  • Practice responsible use of technology systems and software
  • Create developmentally appropriate multimedia products with support from teachers, family members, or student partners.


  • Story of Miss Nelson is Missing
  • Computer, speakers and projector
  • Kidspiration Program a. Web of Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp
  • Keynote Program
  • Garage Band Program
  • iTunes Program
  • Have enough for each student a. Lined Paper b. White Drawing Paper c. Glue sticks d. Scissors e. Markers

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