One way to minimize problems is to standardize your software configurations as much as possible. You should try to have the same versions of the software installed on all of the computers. This way you will not be repeatedly stopped by students in the middle of your lesson because the screen looks different on their […]

One way to improve the way your students treat the computers is by encouraging ownership of the equipment. You can do this by assigning computers to individual students at the beginning of the year (or quarter if you are teaching an elective). The students can then be held accountable for any damage that occurs to […]

Students can be easily distracted during computer time. They may be tempted to visit websites instead of listening to your instructions or lecture. Keeping them on task is especially difficult when they are working in groups. There are some things you can do to maximize their on-task time: Have clear rules in place for computer […]

Just assigning your students into groups will not result in a collaborative learning experience. The key is to assign specific roles to each student when groups are created. This approach keeps one student from taking over computer time while the other members of the group sit back and watch passively. You can also assign a […]

The fact that you only have one computer in your classroom does not mean you cannot successfully integrate technology in your lessons. If you only have a teacher computer, consider adding a TV out card which will turn it into an effective presentation tool that is always available in your classroom. Many classrooms are now […]

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