To send a file using iChat, select a contact from your Buddy List, then choose Buddies, Send File. You can also control-click a contact’s name in the Buddy List (or right-click on it if you have a two-button mouse), and select Send File… When the Finder window opens, you can locate the file you want […]

One way to store more data when you are low on hard drive space is by using compression to make the files and folders you already have on your computer take up less space. On OS X, the compressed version of a folder is known as an archive. To create an archive, open a Finder […]

Yes, in most cases you should be able to open a file created on a PC on your Mac. If you used a cross-platform program (such as Microsoft Office) it will likely save files in a format that can be read by both your PC and your Mac. You can transfer the files to your […]

It is easy to share files between Windows computers and Mac computers using TCP/IP, an industry standard networking protocol. Before you can connect to a Windows computer from your Mac you must know some information about how your Windows computer is set up. First, you must find out what IP address your Windows computer has […]

If you have an iSight camera, you can use the FireWire cable that comes with your iSight camera to connect your computer to another Mac to transfer files. To do this, you will need to boot one of the computers in Target mode by rebooting that system and holding down the T key while it […]

You can use color labels to quickly identify the most important folders on your computer. To assign a color label to a folder, you can control-click on it (or right-click if you have a two-button mouse) to bring up a context menu. You can then assign a color label to that folder by selecting a […]

To change the program that opens a type of file, control-click (or right-click if you have a two-button mouse) on the file and select Get Info from the context menu. In the Open With section of the Get Info window, select the application you want to use from the pulldown menu (click on Other… if […]

You should periodically delete any files or folders you don’t need to conserve space on your hard drive. Deleting a file or folder in OS X is easy. You can just drag the file or folder you want to delete to the Trash icon in the Dock. Another way to delete a file or folder […]

There are many ways to copy a file in OS X. The simplest way is by control-clicking on a file (or right-clicking if you have a two-button mouse) to open up a context menu, then selecting Copy. You can then left click somewhere else in the window so that the file is no longer selected, […]

There are two ways to save your work: File, Save and File, Save As. The first time you save a new document these two menu options will work the same way and open up a Save As dialog box where you can enter a file name for your new file in the Save As field. […]

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