Windows Movie Maker is the video editing program that is included with Windows XP. Windows Movie Maker allows you to quickly build a personalized movie that incorporates video, still images, background music, and narration. This movie can be customized further by adding titles, transitions, and video effects. Windows Movie Maker was designed to be easy […]

Once you have launched Picasa and allowed it to scan your hard drive, you will see an interface that is divided into three areas: the Folder List on the left which lists the folders on your hard drive containing photos as well as any albums you create the Lightbox, which is the main area where […]

Picasa is a free photo management program from Google that can be used to organize and manage all of the images you have stored on your hard drive. In addition to allowing you to manage your photos, Picasa allows you to perform basic edits and gives you many options for sharing those pictures with others […]

To start a voice chat, right-click on a contact’s name in the contact list and select Start a Voice Conversation. You can also start a voice chat by selecting Actions, Start a Voice Conversation. You can add voice to a text chat as well. First, make sure the side bar is displayed by selecting View, […]

Once you have added contacts to your contacts list, there are several ways to start a chat with them if they are online: Double-click on the contact in your contacts list. Select the contact, then click on Send an Instant Message in the actions pane (choose Tools, Show Actions Pane if it is not displayed […]

Windows Messenger will probably already be running when you log into Windows. You will see an icon for it in the system tray, the area on the lower right of your screen. To start up Windows Messenger, double-click on its icon in the system tray to open the sign in window. If you do not […]

Chat (also known as instant messaging) is a form of real-time communication. When you use chat, your message gets delivered to the person on the other end almost instantly, even if the other person is all the way on the other side of the world. The speed with which chat allows communication has made it […]

To send a new message, open your email program and click on the appropriate icon in the toolbar at the top of the program’s window. In Outlook 2003, click on the New Mail Message icon. In Outlook Express, click on the Create Mail icon or choose File, New, Mail Message. In Thunderbird, click on the […]

In order to send and receive email, you will need to install an email client or create an account with a webmail service. There are many email clients to choose from, including several free ones. One of the most popular email programs is Outlook, which is included with some versions of Microsoft Office (it can […]

Adding a printer to your computer involves two steps: making the connection from the computer to the printer using either a parallel or USB cable, and installing the software needed to allow your computer to communicate with the specific printer you want to use. Most printers sold today support USB, which can transfer data much […]

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