Red eye is caused when the light from the flash is reflected off your subject’s eyes. This can often ruin many pictures taken in poorly lit indoor spaces. Fixing red eye with Picasa is simple. Open the picture you want to fix by double-clicking on it in the Lightbox. Next, click on Basic Fixes tab, […]

Picasa has a feature that will allow you to fix an image that is slightly crooked. First select the picture and double-click on it in the Lightbox to open the Editing Window. Select the Basic Fixes tab and click on the Straighten button. In the Straighten Picture view, use the slider at the bottom of […]

The Search Feature Picasa allows you to easily search the photos and movies in your computer using the albums you create, the descriptive information entered into properties dialog boxes for albums and folders, and star ratings. To search your library, enter a term in the search box at the top of the Picasa window and […]

Picasa has several features that make it easy to organize the photos and movies in your library. Albums This collection allows you to group and organize your photos into categories. You can think of them as keywords that are used to tag your photos. For example, you can create an album called “Flowers” to group […]

To import photos into Picasa, first connect your digital camera using a USB cable (or connect your camera to its cradle). You can also use a card reader to import photos from the memory card used by your camera. The memory card will be displayed as a drive in Picasa. Once you have connected your […]

Once you have launched Picasa and allowed it to scan your hard drive, you will see an interface that is divided into three areas: the Folder List on the left which lists the folders on your hard drive containing photos as well as any albums you create the Lightbox, which is the main area where […]

Hello is a free companion program to Picasa that allows you share pictures using chat. In order to use Hello, you must first set up a free account by visiting the Hello website, then install the program on your computer. Once you have Hello installed, you and a student can use it to view the […]

Picasa is a free photo management program from Google that can be used to organize and manage all of the images you have stored on your hard drive. In addition to allowing you to manage your photos, Picasa allows you to perform basic edits and gives you many options for sharing those pictures with others […]

The primary way to reduce the file size of an image is by increasing the amount of compression. In most image editing applications this is done by changing your settings in the Save As dialog box after you select a compressed format such as GIF or JPEG. Adobe Photoshop uses a separate Save for Web […]

Most image formats use some type of compression to make the files smaller in size. Many scanners are set to save the scanned images using the TIFF format by default. Even though the TIFF format supports compression, TIFF files still tend to be quite large. However, most image editing programs will let you convert TIFF […]

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