Jakob Nielsen is a respected usability expert whose research has focused on all aspects of web usability, including how people read online content. In his Alertbox column (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/), Nielsen has reported on research showing that people with low literacy “plow” through online content, reading it one line at a time. This tutorial covers some of Nielsen’s guidelines for improving the readability of online content for people with low literacy.

TextEdit, the text editor built into Mac OS X, includes a text to speech feature that will read back any text you type into the editor. Using the Services feature built into Mac OS X, you can use the text to speech built into TextEdit to create a recording of your text you can play in iTunes or on your iPod.

The word completion feature can be helpful when you start typing a word and can’t remember the exact spelling.

Mac OS X includes a built in dictionary and other reference tools that are always accessible while you work on a document.

Pages, the word processing and page layout program included with iWork, has a feature that can check your spelling as you type. A similar feature is available in TextEdit, the text editor that ships with Mac OS X.

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