This is the name given to the wireless networking standards by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the governing body for all networking standards. The IEEE has released a number of different standards over the years as wireless hardware has become faster. The original IEEE 802.11b standard only supported a maximum speed of […]

Your school may have a typical Ethernet network that uses “Category 5″ cables to connect the computers to the network, or it may have a newer wireless network. Most classrooms in your school will have one or more data jacks on the wall where you can connect a computer to the network using a Category […]

In addition to using a printer that is connected directly to your computer, you can also use a printer that is shared on the network. This printer may be directly connected to the network the way your computer is, or it may be connected to a computer and set up as a shared printer. Note […]

In Internet Explorer you can save a web page for offline viewing in two different ways. You can save a copy of the web page to your hard drive by selecting File, Save As. You should then choose Web Page, complete. When you select this option, IE will save the web page as well as […]

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