Adding alternate (alt) text to your images will make your Microsoft Word documents more accessible to people who have visual impairments. This will also make any PDF documents created from your Microsoft Word documents more accessible as well. 
The alt text is a description of the image that can be read to someone who has a visual impairment by screen reader software.

The rotor gesture supported by VoiceOver provides a quick way to adjust the speaking rate and change the language without having to go back to the Settings app each time a change is needed.

The web rotor is a special VoiceOver gesture for quickly navigating a web page in Mobile Safari using lists of headings, links, form controls and other structural elements. For the web rotor to work well, the author of the web page has to properly structure the web page with headings and other structural elements when it is authored.

VoiceOver is the screen reader built into IOS, the operating system on Apple’s mobile devices. With VoiceOver, someone with a visual impairment can use a few simple gestures to hear aloud what is displayed on the screen for people who are sighted.

VoiceOver’s keyboard help will assist you in learning the many keyboard shortcuts you can use with VoiceOver.

When reading a web page, most screen readers will announce the number of items on a list if the list has been properly marked up with HTML list tags.The use of properly marked up lists is especially helpful for the navigation on a website. This kind of list can improve usability for screen reader users by letting them know the number of pages available on the site.

Most of your interaction with VoiceOver will involve the use of keyboard shortcuts, and many of these shortcuts will include the Control and Option keys. These keys are known as the VoiceOver (VO) keys. Quick Nav is a new feature in Mac OS X that allows you to navigate without having to use the VO keys. Quick Nav uses the arrow keys arranged as an inverted T on your keyboard for navigation.

VoiceOver is the screen reader included with Mac OS X. This tutorial covers how to use VoiceOver to send an email message with Apple’s Mail program.

VoiceOver is the screen reader included with Mac OS X. This tutorial covers how to use VoiceOver to read your email with Apple’s Mail program.

NVDA has a preference that uses audio cues to let you know where you are on the screen as you move the mouse. This option is helpful when you are getting started with NVDA and need to get more familiar with the layout of items on the screen.

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