Windows 7 includes a Magnifier that can magnify the area around the pointer for people who have low vision.

The Mouse Keys feature in Windows 7 allows you to control the cursor using the numeric keys on your keyboard rather than the mouse.

Windows 7 includes Narrator, a basic screen reader that can read the information on the screen for people who are visually impaired.

The Sticky Keys feature of Windows 7 can be helpful to people with limited dexterity who may not be able to hold down several keys at once to enter a complex keyboard shortcut such as Control, Alt, Delete. When Sticky Keys are turned on, pressing the keys in sequence rather than all at once can activate the keyboard shortcut.

The visual notifications feature of Windows 7 can set up your computer to use a screen flash whenever there is a system alert that uses sound. This feature is helpful to people with hearing impairments that might miss those alerts.

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