Arts: Visual Art

Lesson Plans PreK-2

A Day in the Life
Students will use knowledge and experience to tell about events.
Cardinal Directions
Students will know and recognize cardinal directions.
Cardinal Directions in the Classroom
Students will recognize cardinal directions within the classroom.
Creating Plants
Students will communicate ideas and information about plants effectively.
Family Culture
Students will tell about their family heritage by writing a story and illustrating it with a picture of a family item.
Habitat Movies
Students will produce a piece of writing that describes an animal and its habitat.
Interactive Journeys
Students will use technology to enhance their field trip.
Sensory Details
Students will use Kidspiration as a tool to help them make observations and use sensory details in their writing.
Shapely People
Students will identify shapes and colors by creating a shape person.
Water Conservation
Students will understand how scarcity affects the choices people make about water in everyday situations.

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