Getting Started

Each icon will cue you to learning opportunities which are provided to enhance your ability to learn and apply the content of this course.


  • Playhead: indicates there is audio content to hear.
  • Submitted Activity: indicates should be completed and submitted to Learning Facilitator
  • Review: indicates that there is content to be reviewed
  • Reflection: indicates that the learner should reflect and be prepared to discuss in study group sessions
  • Activity: indicates that there is a learning opportunity which requires a response

  • Web Link: indicates that the information to be viewed is off site

You will also need to download the following players. The hyperlinks will take you directly to the appropriate loactions. Simply follow the directions for download and installation.:


At the conclusion of the training event participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the rationale for developing results-oriented staff development in Broward County. Aspiration
  • Assess potential participant needs in order to determine appropriate specific objectives. Skill
  • Develop pertinent specific objectives that correlate with participant needs. Skill
  • Construct methods for evaluating participant performance in each specific objective. Skill
  • Select learning strategies that match desired participant outcomes and that insure transferability to work settings. Skill
  • Produce an effective format for packaging the training materials. Skill
  • Critique training designs produced by colleagues. Attitude
  • Assimilate helpful feedback from colleagues on training design elements. Attitude
  • Implement the training event design at appropriate time(s) for Broward County. Behavior
  • Utilize participant feedback gathered from training event. Skill
  • Develop options for follow up and impact evaluation for training event. Skill



In the first part of this learning experience, you will complete the CD-ROM or Web-Based Introduction and modules 1 - 3 and then attend a study group designed to give you a chance to interact with your facilitator and other individuals learning to design. In the second part of the learning experience, you will complete CD-ROM or Web-Based Modules 4-6 and attend a second study group with your facilitator and other learners. You will demonstrate your learning by creating a design for adult learners as you work through the modules. This product will provide evidence of the results of your learning. Think about a real world learning experience you need to design or re-design. As you proceed through this course, you will receive helpful feedback from you facilitator and other learners.

To assess your knowledge of design for staff development for adult learners, a pre-test to the six modules is provided. When you are ready to begin, click on the pre-test and respond to each of the fifteen questions.
When you have answered all the questions, you will receive your score and it will be forwarded to your learning facilitator to use as part of the needs assessment for the course.When you are ready to begin click on the Pre Test.

Please submit your Pre Test by email to your facilitator.  If you are unable to access e mail, you may print out the PDF and fax or mail it to your facilitator. Complete the Pre Test to continue with the module. If you have already completed the Pre Test continue on to the next sections of the Introductory Module.