Ellsworth's Zouaves

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“The departure of Colonel Ellsworth’s Zouaves from New york, escorted by the fire department- the regiment and escort passing the corner of Broadway and Canal Street, April 29th, 1861. The Fire Zouaves, under command of Colonel Ellsworth, mustering over eleven hundred strong, embarked on board the Baltic, on Monday, April 29th, 1861, amid a most enthusiastic ovation. Chosen from so popular a corps as the firemen of New York, they could not fail to arouse public sympathy to a large extent. As it was generally known that three separate stands of colors would be presented to them- one at their barracks, another by Mrs. Astor, and the third at the Astor House by Mr. Stetson- an immense crowd attended every movement of this gallant regiment. The first flag was presented by Mr. Wickham, on behalf of the Fire Department and Common Council. The Hon. J. A. Dix then, in behalf of Mrs. Augusta Astor, presented them with another stand of colors, with a very handsome letter from the fair donor. The regiment then marched through Bond Street, the Bowery and Chatham Street to the Astor House, where Mr. Stetson presented them with a third flag in the name of the ladies of the house. After a short soldierly response from the colonel, the regiment with their noble escort, marched to the foot of Canal Street, where they embarked on board the Baltic, which steamed down the river on her way to Annapolis.” —Leslie, 1896


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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