Killing's Cave

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“Killing’s Cave, on the banks of the Potomac, near Sharpsburg, the place of refuge of many citizens during the battle of Antietam. A glance at the map of the battle of Antietam will enable our readers to perceive how terribly exposed the little town of Sharpsburg was during the conflict, situated as it was almost between two fires; for, however anxious the Federal generals might be to spare the town, it was impossible to prevent many of the shot and shell from falling into its midst. In the cellar of the Kretzer mansion were congregated men, women and children, all spellbound as they listened to the terrible thunder of the battle. They could tell by the whiz and the awful explosions every now and then how near to them was the work of destruction; and their terror rose to perfect agony whe a shell exploded before one of the opening which gave them a dim light and was the chief means of ventiliation in this chamber of horrors. Of a similar character is our sketch of the cave of refuge near Sharpsburg, and situated on the banks of the Potomac."— Frank Leslie, 1896


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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