Steamer Alabama

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“The Confederate privateer steamer Alabama (290). Captain Raphael Semmes. Our illustration of the Alabama was taken from a photograph while she was at Liverpool, where she was facetiously termed the Emperor of China’s yacht. The Alabama was built at Birkenhead; she was about 1,200 tons burden, with draught of about 14 feet; her engines built by Laird & Sons, of Birkenhead, 1862. She was a wooden vessel propelled by a screw, copper bottom, about 210 feet long, rather narrow, painted black outside and drab inside; had a round stern, billethead, very little sheer, flushed deck fore and aft; a bridge forward of the smokestack; carried two large black boats on cranes amidships forward of the main rigging; two black quarter boats between the main and mizzen masts, one small black boat over the stern on cranes; the square spars on a gallows between the bridge and foremast showed above the rail. She carried three long 32-pounders on a side, and was pierced for two more amidships; had a 100-pound rifled pivot gun forward of the bridge, and a 68-pound pivot on the main track; had tracks laid forward for a pivot bow gun, and tracks aft for a pivot stern chaser; her guns were of the Blakely pattern, and were manufactured by Wesley & Preston, Liverpool, 1862. She took her armament and crew and most of her officers on board near Terceira. Wester Islands, from an English vessel. Her commander was Raphael Semmes."— Frank Leslie, 1896


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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