Fort Hindman

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“The investment of Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post, Ark., by the Federal troops under General McClernand, and its bombardment by the Federal gunboats commanded by Rear Admiral D. D. Porter, January 11th, 1863. Fort Hindman was what is known in military parlance as a star fort, with four angles- two on the river and two extending nearly to the morass in the rear. In front of the southwestern angle was a cluster of small houses, into which the enemy had thrown their sharpshooters, and from which a most galling fire was poured upon Burbridge’s brigade, which stormed them and carried them by assault. At the given signal, on went the splendid brigade with a shout and a yell, now floundering like bemired horses in the morass, then pausing to dress their lines as if on parade, and anon charging again, regardless of the storm of grape and shell, shot and canister that pelted pitilessly around them. For three long hours they fought ere the houses were carried and made to screen the Federal troops. All that while sharpshooters were picking off, from their secure hiding places, officers and men; 10-pound Parrotts were sending their hissing messengers of death through the lines of the devoted brigade, crushing its bones, spattering its brains, and strewing its path with mangeled corpses and dying men. At last the houses were gained and occupied by the Eighty-third Ohio, which, with the Ninety-sixth Ohio, the Sixteenth, the Sixtieth and Sixty-seventh Indiana and the Twenty-third Wisconsin, had fought for them so gallantly."— Frank Leslie, 1896


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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