War in Georgia

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“The war in Georgia- Stevenson, Ala., depot for General Rosecrans’s Army. The campaign of General Rosecrans brought him to a district where it was not easy to remember the State in which places were. Chattanooga the object of the struggle, was in Tennessee; but the battle of Chickamauga was fought in Georgia, and Rosecrans’s depot of supplies was in Alabama. As a man may actually stand in three States, we may credit the assertion that from Lookout Mountain your eye can discern seven of the sovereignties of the New World. In the railroad line from Memphis, which at Cleveland branches to Lynchburg, Raleigh, Charleston, Savannah and Montgomery, Stevenson is an important point, as there a railroad from Nashville comes in."— Frank Leslie, 1896


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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