Red House

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The Red House. The “Red House” is situated upon the street in Wilkesbarre next the river, and about seventy-five rods below the bridge. It is the place where John Franklin was arrested. On his return from a political tour down the valley, he came up by the way of Hanover to Wilkesbarre. While standing near the ferry, an acquaintance came up to him and said, “A friend at the Red House wishes to speak to you.” Franklin walked to the house, where a person caught him from behind, and attempted to pinion his hands. He was a powerful man, and shook off his captors; but, a noose being thrown over his head, he was secured. They then attempted to get him on horseback, when he cried out, “Help, help! William Slocum! where is William Slocum?” and, drawing his pistols, discharged one, but without effect. He was felled by a blow, and laid almost senseless. It was seeding time, and nearly all the men were in the fields. But the Yankee blood of Mrs. Slocum (the mother of the “lost sister") was up, and, seizing a gun, she ran to the door, exclaiming, “William! Who will call William? Is there no man here? Will nobody rescue him?” Colonel Pickering’s dwelling was near the “Red House.” It is still standing, but so modernized that its original character is lost.


Benson J. Lossing, The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1851)I:375


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