Bombardment of Fort Henry

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“Bombardment of Fort Henry, Tennessee River, Tenn., by the Mississippi Flotilla, Flag Officer Foote, February 6th, 1862. Flag Officer Foote’s official report- United States Flagship Cincinatti, off Fort Henry, Tennessee River, February 6th, 1862: ‘The gunboats under my command- the Essex, Commander Porter; the Carondelet, Commander Walker; the Cincinnati, Commander Stembel; the St. Louis, Lieutenant Commanding Paulding; the Conestoga, Lieutenant Commanding Phelps; the Taylor, Lieutenant Commanding Gwin; and the Lexington, Lieutenant Commanding Shirk. After a severe and rapid fire of one hour and a quarter, have captured Fort Henry and have taken General Lloyd Tilghman and his staff as prisoners. The surrender to the gunboats was unconditional, as we kept an open fire upon the enemy until their flag was struck. In half an hour after the surrender I handed the fort and the prisoners over to General Grant, commanding the army, on his arrival at the fort in force. The Essex had a shot in her boiler, after fighting most effectually for two thirds of the action, and was obliged to drop down the river. She, with the other gunboats, officers and men, fought with the greatest gallantry. The Cincinnati received thirty-one shots and had one man killed and eight wounded, two seriously. The fort, with twenty guns and seventeen mortars, was defended by General Tilghman with the most determined gallantry.’” —Leslie, 1896


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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