Guilford Battle-ground

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“View of the battle-ground. This view is from the eminence southwest of the site of old Guilford Court House, near the junction of the roads running one north to Bruce’s Cross-roads, the other west to Salem. The log-house, partially clapboarded, seen on the right, was uninhabited. It stands near the woods which intervene between Martinsville and the plantation of Mr. Hotchkiss. In the distance, near the center, is seen Martinsville, and between it and the foreground is the rolling vale, its undulations furrowed by many gulleys. In an open field, on the left of the road, seen in the hollow toward the left of the picture, was the fiercest part of the battle, where Washington charged upon the guards. Upon the ridge extending to the right through the center of the picture, the second line (Virginians) was posted. The fence running to the right from Martinsville, down into the valley on the right, denotes the Salisbury road. The snow was falling very fast when I made this sketch, and distant objects were seen with great difficulty. Our point of view, at the old loghouse, is the extreme westerly boundary of the field of controversy."—Lossing, 1851


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