Knight Templar

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“A Knight Templar. During the Crusades, there were military and religious orders. Between the first and second crusades two peculiar military and religious orders were established. These were the Knights, Hospitalers, or Knights of St. John, and the Knights Templars. The Knights of St. John were organized originally to care for the sick and wounded among the crusaders and pilgrims to Jerusalem. They took the usual vows of monks, but to these were added vows of military service. They had thus a combined religious and military character, being fighting men as well as monks. The Knights Templars wre organized on a similar plan, but their original purpose had been to protect the pilgrims to the Holy Land. At a later date there was another of these orders established under the name of the Tentonic Knights. All three played an important part in the crusades, and they continued to exist long after the crusades were over."—Colby, 1899


Frank Moore Colby, Outlines of General History, (New York: American Book Company, 1899) 267


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