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“The Buffalo. As the game upon which they depended moved about the country, so the Indians roved in search of it. The buffalo was an animal every part of which the Indian used. He cooked or dried the flesh, for food. He tanned or otherwise dressed the skin and used it for his bed, and he cut it up for ropes and cords. The marrow served for fat. The sinews made bowstrings. The hair was twisted into ropes and halters, and spun and woven into a coarse cloth, the bones made war clubs, and the shoulder blades were used for hoes. They made canoes from the bark of trees, and paddled along the rivers and lakes. By looking at a map which has no State lines upon it, one can see what a network of waterways covers the country now occupied by the United States."—Scudder, 1897


Mammals: B


Horace E. Scudder, A History of the United States of America (New York: Sheldon and Company, 1897) 22


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