Atlantic Cable

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“Laying the Atlantic Cable. In 1866, a previous attempt in 1858 having failed, a telegraphic cable was laid upon the bed of the Atlantic between America and Europe. This cable was followed by others; but a closer connection between the United States and the Old World than any effected by the telegraph is formed by the constant passage back and forth of people. With the close of the war, immigration, which had suffered a check, increased rapidly. From 1871 to 1880 nearly three millions, and from 1881 to 1890, more than five millions, of people migrated to the United States. During the present decade, up to 1897, three millions of immigrants have swelled the population of the century. From 1789 to 1894, a period of one hundred and five years, the United States has absorbed an alien population of about eighteen millions."—Scudder, 1897


Horace E. Scudder, A History of the United States of America (New York: Sheldon and Company, 1897) 394


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